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We invite you to a very picturesque excursion through the Estancias of Patagonia (Patagonian Ranches), cattle fields with a long family tradition that mixes with the life of the gauchos who dedicated their lives to the sheep herding, sheep shearing and domes.

The Estancias were part of the regional economic growth at the end of the 19th century, but they still retain the style of their era of splendor, when true luxuriously furnished and decorated French, English or Colonial architecture houses were built. Others have a simpler decoration, more harmonious with rural life, but equally comfortable and warm.

Spending a few days in an Estancia means encountering nature that is still preserved wild, knowing and living the customs of gauchos and immigrants that populated the Patagonian countryside.

Within the activities you can go horseback riding, witness sheep shearing and domes, while enjoying a beautiful natural environment.

The gauchos dedicate their lives to the herding of animals, sheep shearing, grasslands and domes, work with nature and outdoor roasts.

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Even though Patagonia can be enjoyed in every season of the year, we recommend your visit between October and April, in the middle of spring in this hemisphere, more sunny days and less rain, therefore more activities to do.

Before your trip, you must have in mind the clothing that you’re going to pack because Patagonia is very cold and extremely windy, warm clothes are fundamental.

Always use official transport and ask for arrival and departure times in the designated area.

You must bring a heavy jacket (hopefully with newborn lamb skin), waterproof pants, wool caps, a fleece and thermal gloves, windbreaker, trekking shoes, comfortable shoes for resting, boots, sunglasses and sunscreen. Do not forget t-shirts and lightweight shoes for sunny days, the best thing you can do is to wear layers of clothing.