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DESTINATION Karukinka Park

If you move to the south of the Tierra del Fuego island, you will find the Karukinka natural park, a private reserve and conservation model for the biodiversity of Tierra del Fuego. It is the starting point to get to know some of the best attractions in the island such as the Blanco, Despreciado, Deseado and Fagnano lakes.

Karukinka is a private natural park where you can observe near peatlands, andean areas, patagonic estepa, thickets and coastal, representative ecosystems of the austral biodiversity and the subantartic region. There is no public transportation to access the park directly. The most recommended is to lease a vehicle in Punta Arenas or to contract a transport service.

It allows you to visit different places, be in direct contact with nature and is cheaper than other disciplines because the equipment is more basic. It takes: a good pair of shoes, clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, compass or GPS, map, water, food, knife, backpack, flashlight and a first aid kit is essential.

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Weather is changing and unstable, in a very same day you can experience rough gusts of wind and frozen cold, and radiant sunshine with stifling heat. As we have said before, the best thing to do is to wear layers of clothing.

Patagonia is an area of constant wind, especially during spring-summer; it can reach an average speed of 30 to 40 km / hr.

There are stores that accept credit card, but we always recommend having Chilean pesos because some rural areas or hostels may not accept this type of payment.

This is a piece of advice for those that are planning backpacking: having Patagonia a very changing weather, it’s very likely that while enjoying landscapes or in the middle of a trekking, you experience rain and strong winds, try to travel with sleeping bag, a tent, camping and hiking suitable equipment. You can rent it near the parks, but it will cost you a lot.