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Its particular name may be due to the fact that it is the largest and most depopulated municipality in Chile. Here we find an area with special vocation for adventure tourism such as horseback riding or trekking through the Beaver Valley, La Paciencia or Pietro Grande.

The ever-vigilant guanaco herds are recognized among the characteristic landscapes of Inutil bay, in addition to their lacustrine ecosystems and coastal edge. It is a perfect place to take photographic tours and identify the different types of birds, learn about the authentic activity of a sheep stay and its shearing activities or practice sport fishing in the Grande and Azopardo rivers.


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This is a piece of advice for those that are planning backpacking: having Patagonia a very changing weather, it’s very likely that while enjoying landscapes or in the middle of a trekking, you experience rain and strong winds, try to travel with sleeping bag, a tent, camping and hiking suitable equipment. You can rent it near the parks, but it will cost you a lot.

Within the parks, reserves and monuments it is important to always follow the instructions of the park rangers inside the protected wild areas. Do not light a fire or leave the enabled and demarcated trails.

Patagonia is an area of constant wind, especially during spring-summer; it can reach an average speed of 30 to 40 km / hr.

Always use official transport and ask for arrival and departure times in the designated area.