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Torres del Paine National Park brings together very diverse ecosystems in one place, which results in extremely rich biodiversity. In addition, its topography and climate are very particular, which allows its wildlife to be unique and unique.

One of the ways to know these wonders are the “Paine” and “W” circuits that we tell you below.

If you don´t have  much time, we recommend that you choose to travel the paths of the “W”. They are 76.1 kilometers that join in four days the most important landmarks that the park houses, such as the rocky paths that lead to the Mirador de las Torres, the Cuernos refuge and its visiting condors, the incessant rumor of the breaks in the French glacier and the expected conclusion in the Grey glacier.

And if you have more days, you can not miss the circuit called “Paine Circuit”, whose 93.2 km you can travel in a week, as long as the weather allows. Although you can start from the Laguna Amarga sector as in the “W”, the “Paine Circuit” wraps around the Paine massif, also traveling along its north end, which will give you the privilege of knowing places like the John Garner Pass, the place highest of the circuit, which with 1,350 meters has a privileged view of the Southern Ice Field.


Full Day

You also have the possibility to explore the main attractions of the park by hiring the so-called full day, which allow you to know its wonders in just one day.

Some of the places you can visit are the Milodon Cave Historical Monument, located 24 km from Puerto Natales and which is formed by three caverns and a rocky conglomerate called “Silla del Diablo”; the capital of the Torres del Paine province, Cerro Castillo, which is located 60 km from Puerto Natales; Lake Sarmiento which, has viewpoints from which it is possible to observe the Paine mountain range in all its magnitude.

Marvel at the shades of Lake Nordenskjöld, which is of the glacier type and is located at the foot of the Paine Massif.

You can also visit Lake Pehoé, which is the best visual field to observe the Cuernos del Paine. Enjoy the surroundings that surround this lake: a landscape of imposing beauty, accompanied by the green color of its waters, which sometimes gives the possibility to see the mountains reflected, producing a beauty like no other.

In the full day you can not miss the visit to Salto Grande, the biggest waterfall that the Paine River has, and whose beauty is impressive, thanks to its surroundings surrounded by green vegetation, rocks and a variety of flowers.

W CIRCUIT The W trail runs through the most important landmarks of Torres del Paine National Park. Through the valley of the Ascencio River, you can access the base of the towers, then head towards Nordenskjöld Lake to reach the Los Cuernos refuge. The tour continues along the path of the French Valley, with a panoramic view of the Paine's horns, and concludes on the Grey Glacier.

More Places


Even though Patagonia can be enjoyed in every season of the year, we recommend your visit between October and April, in the middle of spring in this hemisphere, more sunny days and less rain, therefore more activities to do.

You must consider that even though stores are opened all day, some stores in rural locations take a break for lunch between 1:00 and 3:00 PM.

We also recommend bringing Chilean pesos, most of all for buying basic needs. Some stores accept credit and debit cards but it is not common in all of them.

Always follow the instructions of park rangers so you may enjoy your trip: do not use fire in unauthorized places and do not go out from demarked trails to avoid accidents.