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If you want to discover the only point on the planet where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet and appreciate the strength of these 2 seas, we invite you to sail from Puerto Williams to the fjords and channels of Tierra del Fuego, where you will reach the legendary Cabo de Hornos, area that represents the very end of the American continent.

The Cabo de Hornos National Park opens from October to April.

Part of the history of these distant places was described through the exciting expeditions made by naturalists and explorers of international recognition, including Darwin, Shackleton and Amudsen.

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Before your trip, you must have in mind the clothing that you’re going to pack because Patagonia is very cold and extremely windy, warm clothes are fundamental.

Within the parks, reserves and monuments it is important to always follow the instructions of the park rangers inside the protected wild areas. Do not light a fire or leave the enabled and demarcated trails.

Weather is changing and unstable, in a very same day you can experience rough gusts of wind and frozen cold, and radiant sunshine with stifling heat. As we have said before, the best thing to do is to wear layers of clothing.

You can only camp in places authorized by the park administration. The trip must be planned in advance, because all campsites require prior reservation.