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This lagoon, which has a strategic viewpoint to observe and photograph the Torres del Paine, owes its name to the bitter taste of its waters since it has a high salt content, which is concentrated by evaporation, leaving a soft white layer on the riverbank, which contrasts with the color of the waters and with the colonies of flamingos that live there during the summer.

Location and access: 116 km from Puerto Natales along the main road and then a turnoff to the right in the northwest direction for 13 km, and 38 km from the Administrative Headquarters of Torres del Paine National Park.


Full Day to Torres del Paine National Park

There´s also the possibility visit the National Park in one day, taking a full day excursion where one can visit the main attractions of the park, you may also combine it with little hikes and have a more active experience (Mirador Los Cuernos hike, Mirador Condor, and the Peninsula in Grey lake).  You may contact local agencies and ask for these.

Usually when you depart from Puerto Natales, on the way to Torres del Paine National Park, you visit the Milodon Cave Natural Monument, located 26 km from Puerto Natales and which is formed by three caverns and a rocky conglomerate called “Silla del Diablo” and then continue to the park.

In this excursion you will visit Cascada Paine, Nordensjöld Lookout and Grey lake beach, where usually are icebergs that come from the Grey Glacier.

You will also see Pehoe Lake which is the best visual field to observe the “Cuernos del Paine”. Enjoy the surroundings of this lake: a landscape of imposing beauty, accompanied by the green color of its waters, which sometimes gives the possibility to see the mountains reflected, producing a beauty like no other.


In the full day, you cannot miss the visit to Salto Grande, the biggest waterfall that the Paine River has, and whose beauty is impressive, thanks to its surroundings surrounded by green vegetation, rocks and a variety of flowers.

This lagoon, which has a strategic viewpoint to observe and photograph the Torres del Paine, owes its name to the bitter taste of its waters since it has a high salt content.

More Places


To arrive to Torres del Paine, you must take a transfer or ask for the buses that go to Puerto Natales (at the north of Punta Arenas). From there, you will find lots of tourist services that will take you to Torres.

Find the opportunity to visit uncommon places, such as Perito Moreno: one of the most spectacular glaciers of the world, almost a mandatory stop in Calafate. To save some money, the best thing is to buy a ticket for an urban bus service that takes you to Los Glaciares Park and buy there the entrance ticket. You’ll have access to the walkway area where there are amazing views of the glacier. The travel by boat is expensive and it is not worth it.

Before your trip, you must have in mind the clothing that you’re going to pack because Patagonia is very cold and extremely windy, warm clothes are fundamental.

This is a piece of advice for those that are planning backpacking: having Patagonia a very changing weather, it’s very likely that while enjoying landscapes or in the middle of a trekking, you experience rain and strong winds, try to travel with sleeping bag, a tent, camping and hiking suitable equipment. You can rent it near the parks, but it will cost you a lot.