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Tierra del Fuego 

, It is the largest island  

in Chile and  

South America 


29.484 KM2


53°36′00″S 69°23′00″O

The territory of contrasts, sheep ranches and natural habitat of numerous species of birds and marine fauna.

Tierra del Fuego, the largest island of South America. Is the most austral border of the American continent. Its historical vestiges of the first populations of collectors, hunters, and exploring pioneers hungry for the white and black gold richness, wood and livestock synthesizes epopeys of great efforts in the search of a better life in these remote lands that still have corners without known human footprints.

Their first inhabitants, the Selknam, called it KARUKINKA which means ”Our Land”. Currently it territory is divided between Chile (West part) and Argentina (East part). To get to the island from the continent it is necessary to navigate the waters of the cold Magallanes straight, the main natural route that connects the two biggest oceans in the world. The Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.

The fire-pits which the original inhabitants used to protect themselves from the austral cold we’re spotted by the first navigators, marking forever the mane of the island. Its rugged nature and extreme climate have made this beautiful territory being more attractive for travelers, explorers, and scientists because it is a great area of wildlife that we should care for.

Its history is linked to the colonizing momentum and the entrepreneurial effort of its first western inhabitants. Its characteristics and remote location have generated innumerable narrations loaded by mystery, perceptible still today.

We invite you to travel and tour this place

That will allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes, making your stay compatible with activities such as horseback riding, trekking, sport fishing and the aforementioned sighting of the recently discovered Colony of King Penguins.

Flora y fauna

And if such beauty was not enough, Tierra del Fuego is home to the only King Penguin colony in South America. They live in freedom in Bahía Inútil and you can visit them in the Penguin King Park, just over 100 kilometers from Porvenir.


The fires lit by the original inha-bitants to protect themselves from the southern cold were seen by the first explorers, forever naming the island Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire). Its rugged nature and extreme weather have made this beautiful territory, which spans 29,484 km2, increasingly attractive for all manner of travelers, explorers, and scientists. It is a vast wildlife area that we must care for.

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