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Without a doubt, Chilean Patagonia in Magallanes Region is the best place in Chile for trekking.

Trekking is an activity for all kind of people, both for beginners and experts, since everyone can walk at their own pace. It allows you to visit different places, be in direct contact with nature and is cheaper than other disciplines because the equipment is usually basic. It is generally needed: a good pair of trekking shoes, clothing (first and second layer), sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, compass or GPS, map, water, food, knife, backpack, flashlight and a first aid kit. These elements are the essentials for a safe trip. In the case of the most complex trekking routes, a certified guide is always required to assist us.

And if we talk about Trekking, we must talk about Torres del Paine National Park, where there are some of the best trekking trails to practice this sport. There are several circuits, but the best known are the Paine Massif circuit (7-9 days, medium-high difficulty) and W circuit (4-5 days, medium difficulty).

1-6 days
5-22 km.

Another of the routes that you cannot miss is the “Dientes de Navarino” Trek, the southernmost on the planet, where the imposing mountain landscape, dominated by lagoons, snowy huts, rocky slopes, and portezuelos offer the most spectacular view of the beauty of Navarino Island, located in the commune of Cabo de Hornos.

And finally, in Tierra del Fuego there is another unmissable place: Karukinka Park, where at least five trails of different duration and degree of difficulty can be found starting from the Vicuña Refuge. Some of them consider camping, so it is suggested to bring complete equipment, light load, food, water and, in some cases, fishing rod. These routes are guided by a park ranger and are coordinated in groups of 5 people.

Without a doubt, Chilean Patagonia in Magallanes Region is the best place in Chile for trekking.

places for TREKKING

Dientes de Navarino

Paine & W Circuit and Full Day

San Isidro Lighthouse and Cabo Froward


Patagonia has a very changing climate. The best is to wear layers of light clothing to face wind and cold. In order to avoid accidents, it’s important to have suitable shoes. The best ones are calf length shoes to protect the ankles. It’s important that they have a surface adherent sole.

Before going for a walk, it’s important to ask park rangers for information, as well as register and carry your ID.

The parks, reserves and natural monuments are managed by the National Forestry Corporation (Conaf). It is important to always follow the instructions of park rangers inside protected wilderness areas. Do not light a fire in unauthorized places or leave the enabled and demarcated trails.

In an emergency case, to contact Chilean police (Carabineros de Chile) you must dial 133 from every fixed phone and/or mobile phone.