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Come and discover the Patagonian fauna, especially its unique variety of birds.

In the lush landscapes of Patagonia, you can observe various species of birds such as the legendary condor, others of migratory nature such as the Playero Artico, to colonies of king penguins unique in South America.

When taking an excursion through the Magallanes strait you might observe Albatross, Seagulls, “Gaviotín Antártico” (Antarctic tern), Magellanic penguins and Petrels among others.

An icon of bird watching in Patagonia is Bahía Lomas in Tierra del Fuego. Declared as a Ramsar site of international importance in 2004 and as a Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve in 2009, Bahía Lomas is among the most important wetlands for shorebirds in the southern hemisphere. The Bahía Lomas wetland is home to a large concentration of migratory shorebirds, mainly Neartic and Neotropical, being the most important wintering area in South America for the Arctic beach, and the second most important for the straight-nosed zarapito. Other species that are also found in Bahía Lomas are whiteback beach, Magellan chorlo, southern pilpilén, and double collar chorlo, among others.

1 day
1-2 km.

If you travel to Timaukel, in the province of Tierra del Fuego, you will find the Pingüino Rey park, a conservation space where is the only king penguin colony in South America. A little river separates the magnificent show that only the king penguin can offer, whose stature averages about 90 centimeters of height. It is very important, to maintain the habitat of these birds, to walk only through the paths established and by that, so to protect the state of wildlife in which they develop.

In the province of Antartica, albatrosses and petrels, cormorants, pigeons, jumpers and seagulls appear at different times of the year. When passing through the valley of the Windhond River there are several passes of low height and views of the mountain range, where it is possible to see birds such as the Magellanic woodpecker and the “cachaña” (austral parakeet), which makes long trips to this territory to nest and hunt.

In María Behety Park, urban nature reserve and the only recreational park at the south of Punta Arenas, more than 30 species of forest and aquatic birds have been registered, the later due to the artificial lagoon in this place.

We cannot miss the Torres del Paine National Park, as one of the main attractions of this protected wild area is the great diversity of existing animal species, among them, 118 recognized birds. Continuing in the province of Última Esperanza, and also in Torres del Paine National Park, you will also have the opportunity to visit the condor viewpoint, where you can see these majestic birds overflowing the place.

Most visitors who travel to Chilean Patagonia do so to meet their diverse landscape and exceptional national parks, but these huge areas of land with little intervention by man are ideal for discovering their fauna, especially their unique collection of birds.



Always use official transport and ask for arrival and departure times in the designated area.

Always follow the instructions of park rangers so you may enjoy your trip: do not use fire in unauthorized places and do not go out from demarked trails to avoid accidents.

Before your trip, you must have in mind the clothing that you’re going to pack because Patagonia is very cold and extremely windy, warm clothes are fundamental.

Do not feed the fauna. Do not leave trash and do not remove items from the park. Follow the trails and guidance signs.