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Fishermen from all over the world visit the rivers and lakes of Chilean Patagonia to practice this activity.

Sportfishing in the Patagonian waters is an almost obligatory activity, although you have never caught fish in your life. A large number of lakes and rivers in the south of Chile, in addition to the wide variety of fish species, transform Chilean Patagonia into a paradise for those who love this practice.

Tierra del Fuego has some of the best rivers and lakes of the continent, little-visited places due to its accessibility, but at the same time with a great variety of fish species, especially trout.

The fishing can be practiced in rivers and lakes throughout the island, but especially in the Rio Grande and Rio Azopardo and in the most extensive lakes of the Timaukel commune: Blanco, Despreciado, Deseado, and Fagnano lakes in the extreme south.

1-2 days

In Antarctica, the Windhond Lake circuit, which is part of the Cabo de Hornos Biosphere Reserve, is a wonderful trail that reaches an exceptional place to develop sport fishing. Listed as one of the last 24 most pristine natural areas in the world, the circuit stands out for its contrasts of landscapes and biodiversity.

In the Province of Magallanes is also possible to practice fishing in Laguna Parrillar Forest Reserve, located south of Punta Arenas and in Última Esperanza Province there are plenty possibilities even very close to Torres del Paine National Park in the Serrano river, near Puerto Natales in Lake Sofia among others.

For Chilean residents, the recreational fishing license of “inland waters” and “marine waters” must be obtained. In the case of foreigners, the one-year license must be requested at the Sernapesca office or through its website

Fishermen should wash and disinfect every element that gets in contact with the aquatic environment in order to avoid contamination or propagation if DIDYMO.

The season to practice this activity begins in October and finishes in April.

Fishermen from all over the world visit the rivers and lakes of Chilean Patagonia to practice this activity.

places for SPORT & FLY FISHING

Laguna Parrillar National Reserve

Puerto Natales


Even though Patagonia can be enjoyed in every season of the year, we recommend your visit between October and April, in the middle of spring in this hemisphere, more sunny days and less rain, therefore more activities to do.

Always use official transport and ask for arrival and departure times in the designated area.

Always follow the instructions of park rangers so you may enjoy your trip: do not use fire in unauthorized places and do not go out from demarked trails to avoid accidents.

Due to the extensions in Tierra del Fuego, it is best to rent a car in Punta Arenas. There are only petrol stations in the northern part of the island. It is recommended to bring reserve ponds if traveling to the south of the island.