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In the Chilean Patagonia in Magallanes and Antarctica Region you will find one of the best places to have a real riding experience.

In the Chilean Patagonia in Magallanes and Antarctica Region you will find one of the best places to have a real riding experience, where the land is without fences or constructions that hinder the passage.

For decades the horse has been the main means of transport not only for the baqueanos (patagonian cowboys) who transports the sheep from one field to another, but also part of everyday life and the development of Magellan culture.

In Tierra del Fuego, the area of ​​Timaukel, the largest and most depopulated in Chile, is special for excursions on horseback through the Valle de Los Castores, Paciencia or Pietro Grande.

1 day
4-15 km.

It is also perfect to obtain the best photographs, identify the different types of birds, observe guanaco herds and enjoy the characteristic landscape. In Ultima Esperanza, there are beautiful destinations to ride such as Laguna Sofía, Cerro Dorotea and the Sierra del Toro sector. On the south bank of the Serrano River, 80 kilometers north of Puerto Natales, is the Río Serrano Village, which has several hotels, cabins and camping sites. It is a good alternative to stay and be close to Torres del Paine National Park; mong the activities that can be done are horseback riding, as well as fishing and trekking.

You can also visit different sectors near Puerto Natales such us Peninsula Antonio Varas, and the surroundings of the Torres del Paine National Park, crossing rivers, forests or until reaching some glaciers with the help of the baqueanos. Some hotels and tourism agencies offer this type of excursions.

One of the most known places for horseback riding is Torres del Paine National Park, where there’s not only place for trekking, but also for this great activity.


Torres del Paine National Park

Puerto Natales


Always follow the instructions of park rangers so you may enjoy your trip: do not use fire in unauthorized places and do not go out from demarked trails to avoid accidents.

In an emergency case, to contact Chilean police (Carabineros de Chile) you must dial 133 from every fixed phone and/or mobile phone.

To arrive to Torres del Paine, you must take a transfer or ask for the buses that go to Puerto Natales (at the north of Punta Arenas). From there, you will find lots of tourist services that will take you to Torres.

Before your trip, you must have in mind the clothing that you’re going to pack because Patagonia is very cold and extremely windy, warm clothes are fundamental.