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The landscapes of Patagonia are designed cycling enthusiasts. High-speed descents and wonderful landscapes await you.

For those who love cycling and mountain biking, Patagonia is a paradise for its natural circuits, steep slopes and dozens of mountains.

Between Puerto Natales and the Torres del Paine National Park, you will be able to circumvent cycling routes with different levels of difficulty, and pedal at full speed to the old Puerto Bories Cold Storage Plant or the Milodon Cave located 4 and 26 kilometers respectively from Puerto Natales.

If you want to enjoy rapid descents, we recommend the Andino Club of Punta Arenas, located in Mirador Hill, 10.8 Km to the west from the city, where you can explore its ski slopes, which in summer are accurate for cycling. For visitors who want to liven up with this activity, this place has bicycles and all the necessary equipment.

In this city you can also travel along the waterfront by walking along the bike path that borders the Magallanes Strait. You can also travel on two wheels a large part of the city easily and safely.

1-2 days
5-30 km.

If your destination is Tierra del Fuego, it is an excellent place to cycle, either through the main route or its interior roads. Due to its distances and isolation, it is important to plan trips and ration meals. Bicycles can be leased in Porvenir or in the Karukinka park. You can not miss the excursions in Mountain bike through the plateaus and gently undulating plains of the island.

To get the best panoramic view, you can get to the Cerro Dorotea Viewpoint, in Ultima Esperanza, where in addition to cycling, trekking and horseback riding, you will observe the glacier landscape that surrounds Puerto Natales, the Ultima Esperanza fjord, Montt gulf, and the Dumestre zone. Since this is a private enclosure, you must request authorization. Local agencies conduct guided tours.

The landscapes of Patagonia are designed for cycling enthusiasts. High-speed descents and wonderful landscapes await you.

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Even though Patagonia can be enjoyed in every season of the year, we recommend your visit between October and April, in the middle of spring in this hemisphere, more sunny days and less rain, therefore more activities to do.

Always follow the instructions of park rangers so you may enjoy your trip: do not use fire in unauthorized places and do not go out from demarked trails to avoid accidents.

In an emergency case, to contact Chilean police (Carabineros de Chile) you must dial 133 from every fixed phone and/or mobile phone.

Commerce in Puerto Natales does not deliver plastic bags, so we recommend you take space in your backpack or walk with ecological bags.