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Patagonia invites you to the extreme Canopy

In this activity, you can go over the trees of the Patagonian forests and feel nature in the first person.

Glide into a really exciting activity! The canopy is an adventure sports practice that consists of a pulley suspended in height by cables that are mounted in descent through trees, then gravity does its thing so that you can slide at high speed.

In the Andean forests of Patagonia, the Canopy is lived in an exceptional way, where various tour agencies offer it within their programs. It is absolutely recommended for all those who want to enjoy nature, but from the inside and up.

1 day

The fun and safety of adventurers is guaranteed as it is done by specialists with years of experience. Everyone goes with helmets, double cable, and safety harness.

Patagonia invites you to the extreme Canopy

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Even though Patagonia can be enjoyed in every season of the year, we recommend your visit between October and April, in the middle of spring in this hemisphere, more sunny days and less rain, therefore more activities to do.

If you travel by bus, you have to be very patient because of the long journeys and long waiting times. But do not worry, look out the window and admire the view, make sure you have books to read and your mobile phone is fully charged.

Always follow the instructions of park rangers so you may enjoy your trip: do not use fire in unauthorized places and do not go out from demarked trails to avoid accidents.

In an emergency case, to contact Chilean police (Carabineros de Chile) you must dial 133 from every fixed phone and/or mobile phone.